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Advantage Medical Staffing

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Advantage Medical Staffing, one of the country’s best medical staffing companies, understands your career is designed around caring for others… so our commitment is to return the favor and care for you. We achieve this goal by using our proven AMS placement system which significantly lowers the risk of doing business with us. This is in addition to helping our care providers enjoy the successful and rewarding long term medical career and travel experience they desire. At Advantage we have the prescription for a hassle free, rewarding travel experience by offering you the right dedicated team of highly-trained specialists to represent your skills and credentials.

Advantage has been awarded the highly coveted Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for client support in Health Care Staffing. Once you have made the decision to travel or use travelers at your hospital, the next step is to make sure the skills and credentials are matched in order to get the right people placed into the right hospital environments and travel nursing jobs. This systematized process helps us ensure a quick, convenient and smooth hiring process where chemistry exists on both sides.

A big part of helping make our AMS process smooth is to minimize unnecessary and tedious paperwork, which is essential; however, shortens the time line between moving from the application process to obtaining travel nursing jobs.

Advantage Medical Staffing
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Let’s face it…while we want to expedite moving on to positive conversations about fun, engaging new environments, learning new skills, increased pay and opportunities, making new friends and going on to enjoy top destinations, it is important you learn about the tangible reasons how we set ourselves apart from other medical staffing companies. This is why people trust all their staffing and travel needs to Advantage Medical Staffing. Good pay alone is not enough. Just ask any experienced Traveler and they will endorse that a great travel coordinator/ recruiter who answers a call for help is invaluable.  

What compels medical staffing companies to shed light on concerns that might otherwise be perceived as emphasizing the negative about the industry?  

At Advantage we don’t believe you should have to go to industry blogs to ask questions or get straight talk about your concerns. We have launched our own Advantage Medical Staffing Blog so you can get updates, articles and communicate with us directly. Just like most Texans, we are bold at Advantage. We say what we mean and we mean what we say!  We emphasize developing open and empowering relationships and dialogues with our business partners and travelers from the beginning. We see that these relationships and dialogues are the best way one can benefit in our business. In those rare cases when a problem may arise, we don’t ever run from it, we just quickly solve the problem. We are different, not just because we say we are.  It’s how we treat our people and the way we do business that makes us different. We call it the Advantage Experience!

Your first experience with any company is vital to long term success. For several years our industry has experienced a shortage of nurses and other allied medical professionals and for travel nursing jobs as well. Whenever the demand for any product or service is high, it can hide a weak organization and that is amplified whenever a third party enters the picture. This can happen temporarily as well as long term if such a high demand persists, which can easily become overlooked and results in key items slipping through the cracks. These items ultimately affect the quality and the enjoyment of your assignments. Whether we like it or not the market is saturated with medical staffing company recruiters who often lack the training, skills and experience they need and deserve to make sure they are not misrepresenting agency lifestyles on a daily basis. Click Here To Learn More >>>

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